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4 Foundation Repair Myths Exposed
By Brown Dave
If you own a home, the last thing you want is a cracked foundation. Unfortunately, it happens all too often, resulting in the need for professional foundation repair. When it comes to something this serious, quite a few myths exist. It's important to dispel misinformation and bogus ideas to get to the root of the problem and obtain the help you need.
Here are a few myths that need busting.
1. Foundation repair scares off home buyers- When it comes time to sell your home, the law requires full disclosure. If you've had FR work performed on your home, you have to let potential buyers in on your little secret. While hearing that you've had foundation repair may scare a few inexperienced buyers off initially, most will realize that it's actually a blessing.
The fact is, the majority of homes experience some sort of foundation problems throughout their lifetimes. Buying a home with a properly repaired foundation means buying a home that should never require FR again. A smart buyer will see this as avoidance of future costs and headaches.
2. Foundation repair is expensive- Usually when you think of foundation repair you probably picture yourself emptying your retirement account to pay for it. However, finding a crack in your foundation wall doesn't always mean you're about to go broke. The cost depends on the cause of the crack. Sure, sometimes foundation walls require rebuilding and other complicated solutions. On the other hand, sometimes foundation-repair consists of a simple, inexpensive polyurethane injection to prevent water intrusion.
Determining the true cause of your foundation cracks can save you time and money. Call a foundation repair professional to diagnose your home's problem.
3. Foundation repair means excavation- Hiring a foundation repair company doesn't necessarily mean death to your yard. While some repair techniques require excavation of earth around the foundation walls, others require less of an exterior mess. For example, methods such as installing support straps now exist that only involve work on the interior of your basement.
Remember, not every crack calls for the same repair technique. Before deciding on a repair method, an experienced FR specialist should find the root of your problem. Then he will let you know if digging up the earth around your home is necessary.
4. Any contractor will do- Not all contractors are created equally. Before choosing a foundation-repair contractor, do your research. Find a contractor with proper licensing and insurance. This will insure that your contractor has proper training. However, you probably don't want someone fresh out of school working on your prized investment. So also look at a contractor's experience. How long have they been around? Will they still be there in the future if you have more problems? An experienced company offers solid warranties that protect you against unforeseen problems.
Nothing speaks for a contractor's work like his reputation. Ask around and find customers who can say "Job well done!" when referring to their foundation repair. You can't go wrong with a contractor who has a good reputation with former customers.
Of course, this list isn't all inclusive. Searching the web will provide you with so much information about foundation repair that you can spend days trying to sort fact from fiction. So what should you do? Step one: find an experienced contractor to diagnose your problem and help you find a plan of action.

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